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Sketches From Jury Duty

Sketches From Jury Duty

David Namisato describes himself simply: "I am an illustrator. I like donuts and pie."

David is an illustrator who lives in Toronto. His online portfolio shows his sophisticated comic-book drawing style and suggests the years he spent "in a small squid-fishing, and apple-farming town" in Japan. There are more drawings like that in his Daily Doodles blog, but the drawings I love there are the ones like these: simple impromptu ink sketches of people and places.

David combined these three sketches, of potential jurors waiting to be called, into a single image for the American Gallery of Juror Art. You can find more of his jury-duty drawings if you search "jury" in his Flickr photos. He never got picked for a jury, so he had plenty of time to draw.

All rights to these drawings are reserved to David Namisato. Many thanks to him for his willingness to show them here.