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Lunch During Jury Duty, by Susan Sermoneta

Lunch During Jury Duty, by Susan Sermoneta

"I started taking pictures to document my granddaughter's growth," says Susan Sermoneta.  "Then I started carrying my camera everywhere."  So she had it with her in the Vietnamese restaurant where she had lunch on jury duty.

Susan Sermoneta lives in Manhattan, where she teaches college English, and takes pictures.  Pictures and pictures and pictures -- she has almost 13,000 on Flickr.  There are pictures of her elderly father, of her baby granddaughter, of students, friends, animals, but most strikingly, of New York.  Fellow Flickr artist Steve Wall posted this description of her work:

Susan takes you on a detailed, unique and personal tour of her New York City. Through her camera we see a locals-eye-view of the architecture, graffiti and people that make her city so colorful and fascinating. From her sets on benchwarmers and city people to her perspective on colors and textures within restaurants, lobbies and museums, it’s a cityscape many will never notice. But Susan captures every overlooked detail and transforms them into unforgettable images. It’s a New York you will be glad you visited.

An ordinary moment, documented with care, is a thing of great value.  By that measure, Susan Sermoneta may be the richest woman in New York.